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31 MARCH 2010

Trampoline: Territorial Play

"Territorial Play aims to illustrate, annotate and animate discourse around the current trend towards a 'mobilised city'. With the emergence of location aware mobile devices and near ubiquitous access to electronic networks in urban and rural areas, a new city is emerging beneath our feet.

This dynamic 'hybrid–city' is a city in flux, where ideas of authorship and ownership are left at the door. It is information–rich and increasingly populated by not just local inhabitants but visitors from other communities. What are the cultural implications of this emergent public domain and what possibilities do the architecture and protocol of networked space present to affect change in real space?

We are inviting artists, performers, visualists, filmmakers, designers, game–players, writers and others to stake claims, occupy space, command territory, re–imagine the public domain, uncover hidden spaces and return to our day jobs the next day leaving no trace.

The event will take place over one day, using Nottingham's Digital Media Centre Broadway as the base of operations however we welcome submissions that engage with the public and spaces in and around the city."

(Mat Trivett)

[Call for Artists: Platform Event 'Territorial Play' Part of the Tracing Mobility Programme Event scheduled: Friday 14 May 2010 (Nottingham,UK) Deadline for submissions: Monday 12 April 2010 Trampoline is inviting submissions for the platform event, Territorial Play, part of Radiator Festival's forthcoming project Tracing Mobility, a pan–European programme launching in Nottingham mid May 2010 and travelling to Warsaw (June/July 2010), Amsterdam (2011) and Berlin (2011).]



Active Ingredient (collective) • Anette Schaefer • Berlin • Bjorn Melhus • Blast Theory • Broadway Cinema and Digital Media Centre • Capital Cultural Fund Berlin • contemporary artconvergencecreative practiceDaniel Belasco Rogersdigital culture • digital film • digital sculpture • East Midlands • electronic sculpture • electronic soundEuropean Cultural Foundationeventfestival • First Play Berlin • Folke Koebberling • Frank Abbott • HAU2 • Hebbel am Ufer • hybrid-city • informationinstallation • Institute Adam Mickiewicz • interactive artinteractive installation • Legacy Trust UK • Level Centre • live art • live media art • live streaming performance • locationmedia art • Michelle Teran • Miles Chalcraft • Mixed Reality Lab • mobile phone game • mobilised city • MoonRadio • multimedia performance • networked space • new media art • new media platform • new media showcase • NottinghamNottingham Contemporary • Performance and Digital Cultures • Radiator FestivalRadiator Festival for New Technology Art • Radiator Symposium • Reactor (artists collective) • Simon Heijdens • space • Tagesfiliale • Tracing Mobility • Trampoline (arts organisation)UKUniversity of Nottinghamurban


Simon Perkins
05 JULY 2006

Active Ingredient: Make TV to Watch TV

"Merging live video with a social networking environment, MakeTV constructed a live programme of self moderated videos, 15 minutes of fame where every audience member could be a producer of content, and anyone anywhere could be the audience. Active Ingredient designed the time loop where 48 hour rotating live programme could be added to, viewed and recorded.

Active Ingredient hosted several events that used MakeTV as a new space for artists, which included the ongoing collaboration with Trampoline and the Radiator Festival, Sideshow (A Brit Art fringe event), Dislocate and Nottingham Trent University. The programme included new works developed for MakeTV by artists who had worked with Active Ingredient through Moon Radio webTV, since 2000 including: Jordan McKenzie, Sophia Lycouris, Frank Abbott, Sarah Thom and Elyce Semenac, Gareth Howell and Jeanie Finlay.

With the advent of YouTube, Skype and Live video conferencing online, everything changed and finally anyone could have access to online video. The Internet is now full of opportunities for artists making video work. MakeTV is no longer live, as Active Ingredient moved their focus and resources towards making their own work."

(Rachel Jacobs and Matt Watkins)

Note that the URL (http://www.make– for the site is no longer active.



2006Active Ingredient (collective)broadcastcommunity • Elyce Semenac • Frank Abbott • Gareth Howell • independent cultural initiatives • Jeanie Finlay • Jordan McKenzie • Little Big Head • livelive streaming video platformlive video • Lizzy Whirrity • • MakeTV • Matt Watkins • Moon Radio webTV • narrowcastingnew forms of distribution and presentationNottingham Trent Universityonline televisiononline videoproduser • Rachel Jacobs • Radiator FestivalRadiator Festival for New Technology Art • Sarah Thom • self-moderated • Sideshow (Brit Art fringe event) • Skype • Sophia Lycouris • space for artists • streaming media servicestreaming serviceTrampoline (arts organisation)TVvideo creationvideo on the webvideo publishingYouTube
09 APRIL 2005

Spectrum Ecology: Interpreting Our Electromagnetic Radiation

"Human activities have become interpretable over the last 100 years within the electromagnetic spectrum. Our actions are decodable through our manipulation of the spectrum. [...] Our actions are decodable through our manipulation of the spectrum. With this comes the question of privacy rights. For instance, Microsoft ran a research project to see if they could detect an unlicensed user through the EMR of the computer screen. It was possible but they never implemented the technology."




Adam HydeAotearoa New Zealand • electromagnetic spectrum • Honor Hargerlistening earsMicrosoftradiosoundsound installation • spectrum • Spectrum Ecology • Trampoline (arts organisation)

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