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06 JANUARY 2013

Machines replace humans: heavy metal robot 3-piece

"I'm impressed with Compressorhead – the three–piece robot band (three and a half if you count the little robot who drives one of the cymbals). I went to their website to see if I could discern the origins of the project, DIY, corporate, academic, or whatever and couldn't really find anything on the makers. Then I tracked down the drummer. Stickboy was created by Robocross Machines and a whimsical roboticist named Frank Barnes. ... Reminds me of the Survival Research Labs robot machines, built for public performance and disturbance."

(Maxwell Schnurer, 5 January 2013, Life of refinement)



3-piece band • AC/DC • Ace of Spades • androidautomateautomationband • Compressorhead • computer controlled musical instrumentcybernetic artcymbals • disturbance • drummereffigyengineering • Frank Barnes • futuristic machinesGermanheavy metalhi-hathumanoid automatonindustrialisationkinetic automatonmachineman machinemechanism • metal band • MIDI • mohawke • Motorhead • musical instrumentplay • public performance • Robocross Machines • robot • robot band • robot machinesroboticrobotic artroboticistsimulationspeculative design • Stickboy • Survival Research Labs • TNT • whimsicalwhimsical interactions


Simon Perkins
05 AUGUST 2012

Jane Campion: A Girl's Own Story (short film)

"Jane Campion has been a dominant force in world cinema for nearly two decades. Shot delicately in black–and–white, A Girl's Own Story is an early short film that traces the stories of three suburban teenage girls (Pam, Gloria and Stella) in 1960's Australia. It deals with the difficulties of burgeoning sexuality, incest, friendship and family against the backdrop of Beatlemania and an era that valued the isolating notions of purity and wholesomeness over honesty and acceptance."

(Anton de Lonno 11 July 2010, Senses of Cinema)



1960s1984 • A Girls Own Story • An Angel at My Table (film) • AustraliaAustralian cinemaAustralian short filmauteur • Beatlemania • black and whiteboys • burgeoning sexuality • chiaroscurocold • Cut (film) • David Lynchdesiredoll play • eery • effigyexpressionistic • expressionistic conventions • familyfemale sexualityfemininityfriendship • Gabrielle Shornegg • gender performance culture • Geraldine Haywood • haunting moment • honesty and acceptance • humour • I Feel the Cold • ice-skating • incest • Ingmar Bergman • inky suburban subconscious • intimate sexualityisolationJane Campion • lustful embrace • Marina Knight • New Zealand filmmakerparentspathos • Peter Weir • Piano (film) • puritySenses of Cinema (journal)sexual agencyshort filmsuburbanteenage girls • tenderness • The Beatles • The Portrait of a Lady (film) • wholesomeness • world cinema


Simon Perkins
26 MARCH 2005

Real Replicants: Anatomically Correct Sex Dolls

"[The] dolls ... are each custom made to order ... [and include an] extensive list of options, from body type and face type all the way down to fingernail colour. If you've ever dreamed of creating your ideal woman, then you have come to the right place."

(Abyss Creations)

[Life–like sex dolls suggest Blade Runner–style scenarios. A world where replicant partners can be created according to ones desires – where replicants like Blade Runner's protagonist Rick Deckard, can disappear into the sunset with their own personal (sex–doll) replicant.]



1996 • Abyss Creations • anatomyBlade Runner (1982)desiredeviancedolldoll fetishismdoll like objectseffigyeroticismfidelityideal female bodyinanimate dollladybotlifelikelove dollmannequin • Matt McMullen • NSFWphysical archetypePVCreal dollreal-life doll • Realdoll • realisticreplicareplicantrepresentation • Rick Deckard • Rui • sex dollsexual fetishsiliconesilicone fleshsimulationwoman

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