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12 NOVEMBER 2013

Brackets: open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers

Brackets is an open source community sandbox project which was originally created by Adobe.



Adobe Systemsasynchronous code • Brackets (editor) • browser inspection • browser preview • code • code editor • colour coding • CSS editing • debugger • debugging • editorfront-end developmentGitHubHTMLJavaScript • JS debugging • live editing • live HTML development • MIT Licenseopen sourcesource codetechnology solutiontoolsweb authoringweb designweb development


Rob Canning
16 AUGUST 2013

BEM (Block, Element, Modifier): web naming standardisation

"One of the most common examples of a methodology in programming is Object–Oriented Programming. It's a programming paradigm embodied by many languages. In some ways, BEM is similar to OOP. It's a way of describing reality in code, a range of patterns, and a way of thinking about program entities regardless of programming languages being used.

We used BEM principles to create a set of front–end development techniques and tools, that allow us to build websites quickly and maintain them over a long time."



Simon Perkins

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