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12 JANUARY 2010

In the digital world, there is suffusion: anything can be duplicated almost endlessly at negligible cost

"Take the idea of scarcity. In the real world, there isn't enough of everything to go round and people suffer as a result. In the digital world, there is suffusion: anything can be duplicated almost endlessly at negligible cost. We are free to indulge ourselves to the utmost degree. Except, it turns out, people are rather attached to scarcity–and to difficulty, and to hard work, and to all those things that the narcissistic digital realm allegedly teaches us to avoid. We are deeply and fundamentally attracted, in fact, to games: those places where efforts and excellence are rewarded, where the challenges and demands are severe, and where success often resembles nothing so much as a distilled version of the worldly virtues of dedicated learning and rigorously co–ordinated effort."

(Tom Chatfield, 10 January 2010, The Observer)

Fig.1 Sid Laverents 'Multiple Sidosis' [multi–track techniques used to produce vision of a virtual one–man–band].



abundanceapplication of designchildrencommoditycopydigital culturedigital worldduplicationeducationengagementgameshomogenizationinformationintegrationinteractionmarket commoditymulti-track • Multiple Sidosis • narcissismparticipationpaucityrewardscarcity • Sid Laverents • suffusionvirtual worlds • YouGov


Simon Perkins
19 JUNE 2007

Copy Shop: photocopying infinitum

"A man who works dedicatedly in a copy shop copies himself until he fills the whole world with his clones. This film actually consists of nearly 18,000 photocopied frames, which are animated and filmed with a 35mm camera."


Writer/director/editor: Virgil Widrich; Cinematographer: Martin Putz; Music: Alexander Zlamal; Actor: Johannes Silberschneider





2001 • Alexander Zlamal • authenticityblack and white • clone • cloningcopydoppelgangerduplicationessencefilmhigh concepthigh concept film • Johannes Silberschneider • loop • Martin Putz • photocopierphotocopyrepeatreproductionshort filmspeculative fictionsuffusionsurreal • Virgil Widrich

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