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01 FEBRUARY 2013

Claude Monet's Ultraviolet Eye

"Late in his life, Claude Monet developed cataracts. As his lenses degraded, they blocked parts of the visible spectrum, and the colors he perceived grew muddy. Monet's cataracts left him struggling to paint; he complained to friends that he felt as if he saw everything in a fog. After years of failed treatments, he agreed at age 82 to have the lens of his left eye completely removed. Light could now stream through the opening unimpeded. Monet could now see familiar colors again. And he could also see colors he had never seen before. Monet began to see--and to paint--in ultraviolet."

(Carl Zimmer, 16/04/2012)



1915blindness • cataracts • Claude Monetcolourcolour and light • colour frequency • colour tones • declining vision • eye surgery • eyes • foggy • French painter • impressionism • impressionistic personal world • light • light frequency • light sensitivity • meticulous observation • muddier • nuclear cataracts • optical effectpainterperception of reality • perceptual abnormalities • pigment • ultraviolet color patterns • ultraviolet colour • ultraviolet light • ultraviolet sensitivity • ultraviolet vision • UV • visible light • visible spectrum • visionvisual distortionvisual perception • visual problems • wavelength


Simon Perkins
19 FEBRUARY 2010


"The DESIGNABILITIES blog is part of the project 'Speechless' managed by Tom Bieling and supervised by Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost, at the Design Research Lab of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.

DESIGNABILITIES is meant to be an exchange platform, not only for the project members or partners, but also for anybody who is interested in the topic likes to share knowledge in this research field.

We like to collect, document and discuss inspiring projects, products, concepts and theories within the range of design, technology, art, architecture, philosophy and pop culture. This includes also the discussion on the progress of our own research work....

It might be links to interesting projects, publications, products or services. It might be book reviews, announcements of interesting events (e.g. conferences, lectures, presentations, releases) or just questions, hypotheses or comments in general."

(Tom Bieling)

Fig.1 2007_Tact,



alternative communication • architectureaugmentative communicationblindblindnessBraille • communication and audibility • communication and movement • communication and time • communication in space • communication over distance • deafness • design • design for all • design for disabilitydesign intelligencedesign research • Design Research Lab • design responsibility • Deutsche Telekom Laboratories • disabilitydisability studies • Gesche Joost • HCIinclusive designindustrial designinterface design • invisual communication • pop-cultureproduct designresearchsocial design • Speechless project • sustainabilitytactile communicationtechnologytimepiece • Tom Bieling • universal designusabilityvisual communication


Simon Perkins
23 MARCH 2006

Wayfinder: Birmingham's Talking Street Furniture

A new facility to help blind and visually impaired people navigate their way around the heart of Birmingham city centre [UK] will be launched in Spring [Northern hemisphere] 2006. The 60 Wayfinder units will be installed around the city centre, providing users with practical audible information, to confirm their location and assist them to reach their destination safely.

Most units are being installed on existing street furniture to minimise street clutter and, where no street furniture exists, being fixed into new purpose built stainless steel posts located at the back of footways. Users will carry a trigger card to activate the speaker unit when within range. Details on how and where to obtain the triggers will be available shortly.

Users of this system are able to hear recorded navigational information through the use of auditory signposts. Users scan the signposts with trigger cards that presumably access the system through some sort of wireless technology (Bluetooth etc.).

(Birmingham Focus on Blindness)



accessibilityaudible informationBirminghamblindblindnessnavigateRNIB Reactstreet furniture • trigger card • UKurban data • visually impaired • Wayfinder • wayfinding

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