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11 FEBRUARY 2010

VFX Masterpiece: The Third & The Seventh

"I use V–Ray. Illumination has fascinated me since as long as I can remember: Years ago, it was quite difficult to simulate global ilumination by traditional techniques. So after trying several GI engines, I found V–Ray to be the best solution by far to suit all my needs in these terms."

(Jorge Seva alias 'Alex Roman')



20093D • 3D artist • 3ds MaxAdobe PremiereAfter Effects • Alex Roman • animation • architectural visualisation • architectural visualization • ArchViz • art directionCG • CG modelling • cinemacinematographycomputer graphicscreative practicedesigndesign formalism • design viz • digital cultureDOFfilmillumination • Jorge Seva • Michael Nyman • renderingshallow focussound designSpainspectacletexturetexturing • Third and The Seventh • V-RayVFXvisual communicationvisual depictionvisual designvisual effectsvisualisation


Simon Perkins

Christian Boltanski: The Storehouse

"Enlarged photographs of seven young girls are propped atop a stack of unlabeled tin biscuit boxes containing scraps of fabric. These boxes are corroded as if marked by time and are infused with symbolic associations—they evoke reliquary boxes, archival containers, and funerary urns. The black–and–white photographs connote another era; out of focus, they constitute a visual analogy to memory, fading over time. Electric lights illuminate the seven faces like devotional candles, underscoring the effect of a memorial, an orchestration of signifiers indicating loss and remembrance. Old photographs, the tension between individuality and sameness, and the implication of vast numbers evoke the tragedy of the Holocaust.

However, the girls pictured are not victims of genocide: the photographs, of anonymous children, were culled from magazines and newspapers. The boxes are not truly old, and the cloth contained in them is generic and has no special origin. Boltanski creates an atmosphere of general, unspecified mourning through means—photographs, relics—traditionally valued for their privileged claim to specificity, uniqueness, and authenticity. A vocabulary of documentary signs is used movingly, but deceptively, for symbolic effect."

(Rebecca Roberts, 2007, p. 86)

Rebecca Roberts (2007). "MOMA, highlights since 1980, 250 works from the Museum of Modern Art, New York".



1988 • archival containers • Christian Boltanski • devotional candles • funerary urns • genocideilluminationJewish HolocaustlossMoMA • out of focus • photograph • reliquary boxes • remembrancevisual arts


Simon Perkins

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