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23 JUNE 2015

Moritz Stefaner: Selfiecity

Moritz Stefaner speaking about his work on the project (part 2) at the 'Visualized' conference in New York, 6-7 February 2014.



2014 • Alise Tifentale • amateur cultural production • Amazon Mechanical Turk • BangkokBerlinbig databrowsing interfacecitiescognitive sciencecultural artefactscultural specificity • Daniel Goddemeyer • data abstraction • data filtering • data visualisation • design collaboration • design conferencedigital humanities • Dominikus Baur • faceface recognitionfaces of peoplefacial analysisfacial compositefiltering • human activity • information aestheticsinformation visualisationInstagram • Jay Chow • Lev Manovich • mass selfie • Mehrdad Yazdani • Moritz Stefaner • Moscow • Nadav Hochman • new media artNew Yorkportrait photographSan PaoloselfieSelfiecity (2014)social media projecttelematicsTokyo • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam • University of Osnabrueck • video lecturevisualising dataVisualized conference


Liam Birtles
25 JANUARY 2010

EvoFIT Facial composite system for identifying suspects to crime

"A facial composite is a picture of a suspect to crime (as seen on TV crime programmes and in the newspapers). Traditional composite systems used by the police require witnesses to describe an assailant's face and then to select individual facial features (producing a "composite" face). This process does not work well: we are not good at describing faces nor selecting individual features.

We have developed a different approach at the University of Stirling and the University of Central Lancashire. Unlike current systems, faces in EvoFIT are modelled in their entirety and are not separated into component parts. A facial composite (the new term for 'photofit') is created by first displaying a number of faces containing random eyes, noses, mouths, etc. A witness selects a few of these faces that are most similar to a criminal. The selected faces are then mixed or 'bred' together to produce another set for selection. Repeated a few times allows a composite to be 'evolved'."

(Charlie Frowd)



charactercrimedrawing • EvoFIT • evolutionfaceface perceptionfacial compositeICT • identikit • identityinformation aesthetics • photofit • policerepresentationresearch • seen on TV • sketchtechnologyUK • University of Central Lancashire • variationvictimvisual depictionvisual identityvisualisationwitness


Simon Perkins

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