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04 MAY 2011

DailyBooth: a conversation about your life, through pictures

"DailyBooth is one big conversation about your life, through pictures. We're a community of self expression. We connect people to their friends in real–time through the use of pictures, exciting blurbs, and conversation starting picture comments."

(DailyBooth, Inc.)

Fig.1 Carlinn (Superficial Girls)



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Simon Perkins
15 JANUARY 2010

Web 2.0 has created a cult of digital narcissism and amateurism?

"Critics such as Andrew Keen argue that Web 2.0 has created a cult of digital narcissism and amateurism, which undermines the notion of expertise by allowing anybody, anywhere to share (and place undue value upon) their own opinions about any subject and post any kind of content regardless of their particular talents, knowledgeability, credentials, biases or possible hidden agendas. He states that the core assumption of Web 2.0, that all opinions and user–generated content are equally valuable and relevant is misguided, and is instead 'creating an endless digital forest of mediocrity: uninformed political commentary, unseemly home videos, embarrassingly amateurish music, unreadable poems, essays and novels,' also stating that Wikipedia is full of 'mistakes, half truths and misunderstandings'."



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Simon Perkins

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