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05 NOVEMBER 2012

UK Youth Climate Coalition

"The UK Youth Climate Coalition works to 'inspire, empower, mobilise and unite young people to take positive action on climate change.'

But what does that actually mean? Put quite simply, we are a group of young people who are working together to create a future for ourselves which is happy, affordable, clean and safe. But we're not just another organisation who points fingers at the bad guys and moans about how rubbish the government is. We believe that to tackle climate change, we need something new. We need an inspiring vision of how we want the world to be in the future and a movement that anyone can feel part of."

(UK Youth Climate Coalition)



climate change • creating a better future • empowermentenvironmental changeenvironmental impactenvironmental responsibilityethical consumptionethical issues • how we want the world to be • inspiring vision • mobilise • social actionsocial activism • take positive action • UK • UK Youth Climate Coalition • UKYCC • working togetheryoung peopleyouthyouth organisation


Simon Perkins
03 APRIL 2012

William Forsythe: choreography as a reflection of social spheres

"In his installation performances such as Human Writes or Heterotopia, to which Forsythe has dedicated an increasing amount of his time in recent years, choreography becomes a social practice. Forsythe's installations are controlled test arrangements in which all the participants can observe themselves, their bodies and their movements together. When a performance like Human Writes deals in substance with the difficulties surrounding universal human rights, it becomes clear where the potential of dance and movement can lie. After all, it's not abstract universal laws alone that guarantee our co–existence. It is much more our physical actions, our daily movements that create and shape the community. Herein lies the political meaning of Forsythe's notion of dance. He creates spaces where he places people in a new, unknown relationship to themselves so that they reflect differently on their (social) spheres and in so doing explore their own potential scope for action."

(Gerald Siegmund, May 2008, Goethe–Institut)

Fig.3 Dominik Mentzos, "Human Writes", performance–Installation by William Forsythe and Kendall Thomas [].



abstract universal laws • ballet • bodies • choreography • co-existence • community • confrontational • controlled test arrangements • create and shape • creative problem solvingcritique • daily movements • danceDominik Mentzosdrawdrawing • emplacement • experimentationGoethe-Institutheterotopiahuman rights • Human Writes (performance) • installation • installation performance • language of ballet • movementnomologicalparticipantsperformancephysical actions • political meaning • potential for action • relationshipssocial actionsocial changesocial practices • social spheres • space • the potential of dance and movement • universal human rights • universal laws • William Forsythe


Simon Perkins
15 JANUARY 2010

NativeWeb: fostering communication among Indigenous peoples

"NativeWeb is a project of many people. Our vision touches ancient teachings and modern technology. Our purpose: to provide a cyber–place for Earth's indigenous peoples.

As access to the Web grows and indigenous peoples reach out through cyber–space, NativeWeb will grow also. Through NativeWeb, indigenous people (and peoples) become visible to each other and themselves and organize actions in a multitude of local, national, and international institutions. The shape of indigenous social action changes as wider audiences are created and especially as the means of creating audiences become the means by which audiences become actors. From Chiapas to Nunavut and from Samiland to Thailand, indigenous communities widen, coalesce, and interact as they work, communicate, and organize via the Internet.

Indigenous Peoples have much in common amidst great diversity: spiritual practices celebrating inter–relatedness of all Life on Earth; and historical suffering at the hands of industrialized nations and corporate entities. NativeWeb is concerned with all this: indigenous literature and art, legal and economic issues, land claims and new ventures in self–determination.

Our purpose is not to 'preserve,' in museum fashion, some vestige of the past, but to foster communication among peoples engaged in the present and looking toward a sustainable future for those yet unborn."

(NativeWeb, Inc.)

Fig.1 Sami people from Finland (



AboriginalAotearoa New Zealand • Austronesian • Chiapas • engagementFinlandidentityIndigenousIndigenous people • industrialised nations • Maori • NativeWeb • Nunavut • PacificPacific Rimpastpostcolonialpreservation • Sami people • Samiland • self-determinationsocial actionspiritual practicessustainable futureThailand


Simon Perkins

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