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14 MAY 2013

The University of Sheffield Arts Tower paternoster lift

"The Arts Tower's paternoster lift has 38 carriages which could make it the largest of the few surviving paternosters in the UK, and possibly the largest in the world.

A paternoster is a lift made up of a chain of open carriages, each for two people, that move in a loop up and down the building without stopping. The cars travel slowly enough so that passengers can step on or off at any floor they like.
Paternoster lift in action

When you get to the very top or the very bottom of the building, the cars move horizontally across before continuing vertically upwards or downwards and at this point, everything goes dark while you travel behind the wall (rather than in the open air as happens during the rest of the journey).

You can also get around the Arts Tower by normal elevator, and stairs of course – but there are 20 storeys to the building so it's a fit and brave person who decides to walk to the top by staircase!"

(BBC South Yorkshire, 19/09/2008)

Fig.1 James Benedict Brown "University of Sheffield Arts Tower Paternoster", Uploaded on 22 Dec 2007.
Fig.2 Richard France (16 April 2012) [].



1965 • BDR • Bureau of Design Research • cyclic elevator • elevator • floor layout • Flora Samuel • GMW Architects • Gollins Melvin Ward • HLM Architects • landmarklift • passenger elevator • paternoster • paternoster lift • refurbishment • School of Architecture • SheffieldtowerUKUniversity of Sheffield


Simon Perkins
28 NOVEMBER 2012

Notts TV: new local television for Nottingham

"Notts TV Ltd is a consortium led by Confetti Media Group, Nottingham Post Media Group, Nottingham Trent University and Inclusive Digital Ltd. Together the group has the skills and experience needed to run a TV station for Nottingham – including expertise in TV news, launching and managing TV channels, local journalism and programme production, technical and engineering issues, advertising and marketing, education and training.

Notts TV provides Confetti students with a great opportunity to work in a real TV environment, providing content and programming for news, sport, business, politics and a range of issues that matter to local residents.

The station will utilise the news reporting expertise of the Nottingham Post Group and involve students from both Nottingham Trent Universities' Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism and Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies."

(Confetti Media Group, 2012)



2014BelfastBirminghambroadcasting • broadcasting licence • Cardiff • Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism • Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies • Confetti Media Group • consortiumdigital terrestrial televisionfreeviewGlasgow • Inclusive Digital • Inclusive Digital Ltd • Jeremy HuntjournalismLeedslocal audiences • local journalism • local televisionlocal television productionlocal television stationlocal TVlocal TV station • locally relevant • LondonManchester • media training • Nottingham • Nottingham Post Group • Nottingham Post Media Group • Nottingham Trent University • Notts TV Ltd. • Ofcom • press release • Sheffield • skills and experience • studentstelevisiontelevision productiontelevision programmingTV channeltv newsTV stationUK


Simon Perkins
09 AUGUST 2012

Chris Saunders: One to One Hundred Project

"With this project I intend to concentrate purely on taking close up photographs of faces of people from my hometown of Sheffield. I will photograph 100 people, one person for every year of age, each of whom will be asked to provide the clearest photograph they can find taken when they were younger. This picture, along with the photograph I take, will be placed together to form the final version of each piece showing how the subject's face has changed over the intervening years."

(Chris Saunders)

Fig.1 Chris Saunders (2012) "Danny aged 3 and 54", One to One Hundred Project.



2012change observer • changes over time • Chris Saunders • close up photographs • close-up • Danny Kaye • face • faces • faces of peoplefacial nuancehometown • One to One Hundred Project • photographerphotographic portrait • portrait photographer • portraitureSheffieldsubtletyUKyouth and age


Simon Perkins
06 JANUARY 2010

Russell Group: 20 leading UK universities

"The Russell Group represents the 20 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector."

(Russell Group)

[In the UK the Russell Group represent the traditional and 'red brick' universities and the 'Million+ group' represents the new or 'Plate Glass' universities.There is a similar equivalence in Australia between the more traditional 'sandstone universities' and the 'new' or 'Post–1992 universities'.]



Simon Perkins

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