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25 NOVEMBER 2012

The Hobbit: behind-the-scenes, Peter Jackson presents Video #9

Video #9 Published on YouTube 23 Nov 2012 by Peter Jackson (WingNut Films), Film premiere: 28 November 2012 (Wellington, New Zealand) Release Date: 13 December 2012 (UK)



2012 • 48 fps • Abbey Road Studios • Alan Lee • Andrew Lesnie • animationAotearoa New Zealandbehind-the-scenes • Bilbo Baggins • Brent Burge • CGI • Chris Tomlinson • Chris Ward • Chris White • Christian Rivers • Christopher Boyes • colour grading • Dave Farmer • Dave Hollingsworth • Dave Whitehead • David Clayton • digital intermediate • Embassy Theatre • Eric Saindon • feature filmfilmmaking process • foley • HFR • High Frame Rate • Holly Acton • Jabez Olssen • Jed Brophy • Jerry Kung • John Howe • John Simpson • Karen Elliott • Kevin Sherwood • Lonely Mountain • making of • Marion Davey • Michael Semanick • motion capture • New Line Cinema • Park Road Post • Peter Cobbin • Peter Jacksonpost productionpre-visualisation • Raqi Sayed • SFXsound stage • The Hobbit • UKVFXWarner BrosWellingtonWeta Digital • Weta Workshops • WingNut Films


Simon Perkins
02 AUGUST 2012

The Lounge Bar: cyclic narrative kiwi short film from 1988

"The zenith of Don McGlashan and Harry Sinclair's legendary Front Lawn collaborations, this iconic Kiwi short follows two men and one woman on a rainy night at a deserted bar. Pivoting on amnesia and woven together by music, two timeframes are seamlessly combined and a darkly humorous plot unfolds. The film had a wide international release (Ireland to Norway, Germany to the USA) and was a finalist in the inaugural American Film Festival."

(NZ On Screen)

Fig.1 The Lounge Bar (1988), Don McGlashan, Harry Sinclair, Aotearoa New Zealand, 35mm 12 minutes.



198835mmamnesiaAotearoa New ZealandAustralasiabar • caustic humour • chance meeting • Chinese puzzle box • cyclic narrativecyclical narrative • Dance to My Ten Guitars • diegetic sounddisturbing taleDon McGlashanFuture Shorts • Grant Campbell • Harry Sinclair • head injury • headgear • John Gilbert • jukeboxkiwi short films • Kiwiana • Leon Narbey • lounge bar • Lucy Sheehan • memory loss • Monty PythonNew Zealand cinemanon-diegetic soundPeter Jackson • pretty spunky • short filmsongThe Coming of Age of The New Zealand Short FilmThe Front Lawn • The Girl from Ipanema • The Lounge Bar • Theres a Man at The Bar Staring into Space • weirdness • Wellington Film Society


Simon Perkins
30 APRIL 2011

Annie Collins on her 30 year career cutting New Zealand films

"Editor Annie Collins has worked with some of New Zealand's most provocative directors, including Barry Barclay (The Neglected Miracle), and Merata Mita (Patu!) over a 30 year editing career. Collins has also edited key feature films, (Scarfies, Out of the Blue) and was part of the editing team on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.

NZ On Screen's Clare O'Leary visits Collins at her home and Collins reflects on:

Her beginnings in the industry and being convinced by producer Pat Cox to shelve her design training and become an editor.

What she requires of directors ('that they've done their homework!')

Cutting Patu! with Merata Mita: evading the police and becoming conscious of the Springbok Tour Protests' relevance to New Zealand history and realising the (different) echoes it had for Mita as a Māori filmmaker.

Working with director Robert Sarkies on Scarfies and Out of the Blue

The four and a half years she spent working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the realisation that despite the 'profound experience' of working on such a massive scale project that she needed to get back to New Zealand stories.

Her consciousness of the power of the edit: 'it takes about five seconds for you to destroy somebody in a cut, or edit, on national TV.'

The ethics of story–telling: the need for the people who are involved in a documentary (or a story where the subjects are still alive) to follow 'good process' and the importance of 'clarity of mind and heart.'"

(Clare O'Leary, 12 February 2009, NZ On Screen)

Fig.1 direction and Interview – Clare O'Leary, camera and editing – Leo Guerchmann



1981 Springbok rugby tourAnnie CollinsAotearoa New ZealandAramoana • Barry Barclay • creative practicedesign trainingdocumentaryethics • film directors • film editorfilm industryfilmmaking • Graeme Tuckets • historyLord of the RingsMaoriMerata MitaNew Zealand cinemaNew Zealand filmmaker • New Zealand history • New Zealand on Screen • New Zealand stories • NZ On Screen • Out of the Blue • Pat Cox • Patu!Peter Jacksonpost productionRobert Sarkies • Ruby & Rata • Scarfies • Springbok Tour • storytelling • Ted Coubray • The Neglected Miracle • women in film


Simon Perkins
29 DECEMBER 2009

'Avatar': James Cameron and Weta Digital

"As he sought collaborators to help him realize his ambitious vision for 'Avatar,' director James Cameron found kindred spirits at Weta Digital, the effects company co–founded by Peter Jackson.

The partnership goes back years, to when Cameron and Jackson met to talk shop after the latter's 'Lord of the Rings' wrapped. Senior visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri was also at that meeting, and told Cameron about the computer–animation techniques Weta was developing for Jackson's 'King Kong.'

'Jim was interested in what we were doing with 'Kong,' says Letteri, via phone from Weta headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand. 'He knew we were about to embark on something where we had a lead actor who was a digital creation. Plus we were getting into building these big jungles. I think Jim, in the back of his mind, that's the kind of thing he had in his head for 'Avatar.' '

Based upon an original idea that Cameron dreamed up more than a decade ago, 'Avatar,' which opens Friday [December 2009], is set 4.4 light–years away on a moon called Pandora. The moon is home to an alien species known as Na'vi, blue humanoids towering 10 feet. Colonists from Earth can only explore the hostile habitat as avatars –– remote–controlled replicants modelled after the Na'vi.

'The idea is that you're seeing this whole world through new eyes,' explains Letteri, a three–time Oscar–winner. 'It's unfolding before you, the idea that you get to this planet and you think it's this hellhole but as you gradually start to learn what it's all about, you realize that there's this amazing and beautiful but still quite harsh world out there. It seemed like it had all kinds of possibilities.'

Weta was responsible for turning Cameron's sketches of Pandora into 3–D panoramas and also transforming stars Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana into alien figures convincing enough to carry a love story"

(Lisa Rose/The Star–Ledger, 17 December 2009,



20093DAotearoa New ZealandavatarAvatar filmCGIcomputer-animationdigital • ILM • Industrial Light & Magic • innovationJames Cameron • Joe Letteri • King Kong • Lightstorm Entertainment • Lord of the Rings • Na'vi • Pandora • Peter JacksonRealDRealD 3Dscience-fictionSFXstereoscopictechnologyvisual effectsvisualisationWellington • Weta • Weta Digital


Simon Perkins

Fashion Victim: controversial fashion magazine Pavement closes

"A story about the closure of Pavement, a controversial fashion magazine, and its founder, Bernard D McDonald. McDonald and Pavement made their names by publishing photos of ever younger girls – but most of the time it was just crashingly pretentious. This was one of the most challenging stories I'd ever written: the fashion world, true to its reputation, is an entirely flaky one."

(Simon Farrell–Green, March 2007, Metro)

The magazine was published between 1993 and 2006 and ceased production following its December 2006 issue.



1993 • Alex Freund • Amber Valetta • Angelina Jolie • Anna Paquin • Aotearoa New Zealand • Bernard McDonald • bi-monthly • Big Bud • Cate Blanchett • Christy Turlington • contemporary artcontemporary culturecontemporary design • contemporary fashion • contemporary filmcontemporary musiccontroversial content • Courtney Love • cutting edge of creativity • Davies and Davies • declining advertising revenue • Derek Henderson • Devon Aoki • Dimmer (band) • Dita von Teese • ECPAT • Elastica • Eva Herzigova • fashion magazine • Gary Oldman • Georgina Grenville • Giselle Munchen • Glenn Hunt • Helmut Newton • Hugh Stewart • Johnny Depp • Katie Holmes • Kelly MacDonald • Kerry Fox • Kirsten DunstKylie Minogue • Larry Clark • Laurence Passera • Leelee Sobieski • Leonardo DiCaprio • Lionel Deluy • Liv Tyler • LTJ Bukem • Lucy Lawless • magazinemagazine publishing • Massive Attack (band) • Max Doyle • Melanie Lynskey • Metro (magazine) • Michael Stipe • Milla Jovovich • Ministry (band) • Naomi Campbell • New Order • Oasis (band) • of the idea and ideals • Office of Film and Literature Classification • Oliver Stone • Paris Hilton • Pauly Fuemana • Pavement (magazine) • Penny Pickard • Peter Jackson • Pierre et Gilles • Pierre Toussaint • provocativepublishing • Pulp (band) • quarterly • Ranjit Grewal • Regan Cameron • Richard Kern • Robert Astley-Sparke • Robert Wyatt • Russ Flatt • Russell Crowe • Shirley Manson • Simon Farrell-Green • Sophie Ellis Bextor • Soundgarden • special teen issue • Spiritualised (band) • Suede (band) • teenage girlsteenager • Terry Richardson • Thandie Newton • The Black Angels • The Cramps (band) • The Darkness (band) • The Veils • Throwing Muses • Tony Kim • topless nudity • Tricky (musician) • Whitcoulls (bookstore) • youth culture • youth culture magazine


Simon Perkins

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