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10 FEBRUARY 2013

第29届北京奥运会开幕式 (Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony)



Guannan (cassie) Du
23 NOVEMBER 2009

The Impact of Japanese Comics and Animation in Asia

"Taiwanese comics are the most Japanese of all Asian comics. Many Taiwanese comic artists copy the Japanese style faithfully and one can hardly find any Taiwanese elements in their works. However, there are Taiwanese artists who have attempted to create something original based on their mastery of Japanese techniques. The most successful example is perhaps Zheng Wen who has skillfully combined Japanese (particularly Ikegami Ryoichi and Kojima Geseki's) and Western comic styles with Chinese painting and calligraphic skills in his comics, such as Stories of Assassins (cike liechuan, 1985) and Stories of Eastern Zhou Heroes (dong Zhou yingxiong chuan, 1990). Taiwanese animators have only produced a few commercial animated films and television cartoons, but they are very active in making on–line animation. The most successful Taiwanese on–line animation is perhaps Ah Kuei, a satirical and humorous short piece, in which character design and visual presentation are influenced by Japanese animated works, such as Crayon Shinchan and Chibimaruko–chan. Ah Kuei will be made into a television cartoon series, live–action drama serial and animated film. Recently, Taiwanese on–line animators have begun to experiment animated serials and movies. A three–hour on–line animated film, Love 1/2E, has been serialized. Its story is similar to Tokyo Love Story and Beautiful Life and its drawing is very Japanese. Besides, influenced by the Japanese, Taiwanese animators pay attention to the important role of 'voice actors or actresses.' (seiyu). This is an area that most other Asian nations have overlooked."

(Ng Wai–ming, Hong Kong)

Journal of Japanese Trade & Industry: July / August 2002 p.2


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Simon Perkins
15 FEBRUARY 2005

Alphabet Synthesis Machine

"The Alphabet Synthesis Machine is an aid to explorers of the liminal territory between familiarity and chaos. An interactive Java applet, the Machine invites you to evolve the letterforms of a personalized 'alien alphabet': the possible writing system of your own imaginary civilization.The Alphabet Synthesis Machine Version 1.1 (January 2002)

The project was created for Art21 and PBS by Golan Levin with Jonathan Feinberg and Cassidy Curtis. The site is currently down for repairs."



2001alphabet synthesis • Alphabet Synthesis Machine • Art21 • calligraphy • Curtis • evolution • Feinberg • font-building toolfonts • Levin • PBSterritorytypetypography
01 JANUARY 2004

The Pillow Book: writing into the film space and multiple perspectives

Peter Greenaway's masterpiece The Pillow Book (1996) presents a multifaceted view of an event, splintering discrete actions into various views. There are numerous instances of this technique employed in this film, creating a sense that the viewer is being presented with but one of many possible views.







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