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09 NOVEMBER 2014

Examples of web based non-linear narratives

Bear 71 (2012); Clouds over Cuba (2012); Donnie Darko (film website); Gravity (2003) by Olia Lialina; Here at Home (webdoc); My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (1996) by Olia Lialina; Neon Bible (2007) by Arcade Fire; Prison Valley (2013); Random Paths (2001) by Jody Zellen; Telescopic Text (interactive); The (Former) General in his Labyrinth (2007); The 21 Steps (2008) by Charles Cumming; The Wilderness Downtown (2011) by Arcade Fire; Waterlife (2009); We Choose the Moon (2009); Welcome to Pine Point (2011).


Aaron Koblinalternate reality gameArcade Fire • Arcade Fire (band) • archive footage • B-Reel (digital production company) • Banff National Park • Bear 71 (2012) • Charles Cumming • Chris Milk • Clouds over Cuba (2012) • Cuban Missile Crisis • David Dufresne • digital storytelling • Donnie Darko (film website) • Google Maps • Gravity (2003) • grizzly bear • Here at Home (webdoc) • hypermediainteractive digital narrativesinteractive documentaryinteractive experienceinteractive mediainteractive multimedia documentaryinteractive multimedia video • interactive online story • interactive storytellinginteractive web documentary • Jeremy Mendes • Jody Zellen • Joe Davis • Kevin McMahon • Leanne Allison • Michael Simons • Mohsin Hamid • My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (1996) • narrative nonfictionNational Film Board of Canada • Neon Bible (2007) • new mediaNFB • non-linear narrative • Olia Lialina • Paul Shoebridge • Philippe Brault • Prison Valley (2013) • Random Paths (2001) • Telescopic Text (interactive) • The (Former) General in his Labyrinth (2007) • The 21 Steps (2008) • The Wilderness Downtown (2011) • Tool of North America • travelogue • Waterlife (2009) • We Choose the Moon (2009) • We Tell Stories • web based non-linear narrativesweb documentarywebdoc • Welcome to Pine Point (2011)


Simon Perkins
12 JUNE 2011

Alternate Reality Game: Cisco GSX Virtual Global Sales Event

"For the 2nd straight year, Juxt Interactive and No Mimes Media have teamed up to craft a hit Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for Cisco Systems' Global Sales Experience, an annual gathering of more than 21,000 executives around the world.

Part action thriller, part treasure hunt, The Hunt storyline unfolded over the course of two weeks, turning thousands of Cisco employees into active players in an immersive adventure. Fictional characters came to life through social media, posting Facebook and Twitter updates to drive the story in real–time, sometimes engaging participants in one–on–one conversations. The experience also incorporated cinematic video clips, email correspondence, and phone messages, and utilized an array of Cisco tools that enabled employees to communicate across departmental, cultural and geographical boundaries.

In the end, participants were able to unravel the mysteries of The Hunt through collective problem solving, real–time data sharing, and seamless global collaboration, all made possible by Cisco technologies."

(Juxt Interactive and George P. Johnson, 2011)



2010 • action thriller • active players • alternate reality gameARGchoose your own adventure • cinematic video clips • Cisco • Cisco GSX • Cisco Systems • Cisco technologies • collective problem solving • cultural boundaries • departmental boundaries • email correspondenceemployeesfictional characters • geographical boundaries • George P. Johnson • global collaboration • Global Sales Experience • GPJ • immersive adventureinteractive narrative • Inxpo • JUXT Interactive • multiple platforms • narrative transmedia entertainment experiences • No Mimes Media • one-on-one conversations • phone messages • real-time • real-time data sharing • social media • storyline • The Hunt • transmedia storytellingtreasure hunt • unravel the mystery • user experience design (UX) • virtual event • virtual meeting


Simon Perkins
22 NOVEMBER 2009

ConSpirare: alternate reality game

"'Our vision with Marika was to help a national broadcaster establish a new, intimate relationship with its viewers, reaching audiences that have left the sofa for the keyboard, audiences that demand much more than passive entertainment,' says Christopher Sandberg, managing director of The company P."

(The company P)



AFTRSalternate reality gameARGbelonginginteractive narrativemediamultimediaparticipationparticipation dramasocialsocial mediasocial software • SVT • Sweden • The Truth About Marika


David Reid

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